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Feb. 6th, 2012

Wow, and my random stalker is at it again...

Still alive!!

I'm still alive, just working a lot, coming home tired between working electronics, sometimes cashinering, and shipment receiving in the mornings. Surprise, I had this weekend off!

Now if i can get Mondays off permanently for personal reasons, I'll be happier...

Anyhow, have 2 plans for NYCC this year now that working again: Golden Age Flash and Cyclops from the X-Factor Forever mini.

Both kinda easy. Flash I can get the shirt and jeans easy. The helmet and boots may need to be commissioned though.

Cyclops, the outfit would need to be commissioned, and have to find some decent red safety/sunglasses on Amazon or ebay that can fit over my present pair.

Nature photos

Ok, links for the first 6 sets of new photos at my Picasa account.

Rose bush & Garden (June 2010)

Bees (Sept 2010)

Gardens & Bees (July 2010)

Iris (Spring 2010)

Blizzard (2010)

Bird on a Wire (2009)

Photo plans

Got the first 6 photo sets uploaded to Picasa this morning, my smaller nature sets over the past 2 years. Will link to them later on (likely slideshows). Going to probably upload the other sets over time, maybe 2-3 at a time, while working on the unprocessed sets. I'll get moving on processing the NYCC 2010 sets also.

Once I get back on my feet and I can renew my Flickr Pro account I'm cleaning that out completely and rebuilding that like Picasa. Will likely only post the links to the sets i uploaded rather than slideshows for that, or something.

No one should be bullied. Ever.
...and the anon lj stalker is at it again. You know if this was a yea ror so ago, I'd cry and emo and stew about it. But not this time. I'm just laughing it off like the coward this person truly is. You're on notice.


Wow, nice work of a fucking coward to post a "I hate you" message to me (which I think I've read that same message before somewhere) in a friend's LJ in an entry from late last year.

Go jump in the Gulf oil spill and set yourself on fire. Please.

2009: the year of teh suck

Well 2009 is almost over, and what a sucky ride its been. Financially, work-related, friends and drama, parents, etc. I'm so hoping 2010 is better, in fact it better be.

Few people know what's been going on over on my end, a few people here and my friends over in my neck of the woods know all the details. Why? Because i'm sick of being bashed for them and considered a joke. They don't need to know on here, so if i tell them it'll be under my terms. 2010 I do plan to improve everything over on my end, and get back to seeing friends, trips to NYC, conventions scene 9anime, sci-fi, etc) experiencing the world and so forth. I do want to thank those who have stuck by me through my tough times, and the tough times they've had.

To those who think I'm a joke and feel the need to ridicule me behind my back any chance they get. Go fuck yourselves. No really do it. I don't need people like you in my life who feel the need to tell me how to live it, and turn around and act like hypocrites with others in close to the same situations as me. Go get punched in the face harder than Snooki for all i care, or I'll do it myself. Especially to a certain couple of people who deserve it for their crimes.

I don't need people telling me how to live, or telling me who and who not to speak to for one reason or another. I'll make that decision, not you. I really don't need those chosen few telling other people i don't know yet to avoid me for one reason or another. Let them make that decision on their own. A number of people are guilty of this and its sad. use your own brain, don't be a fucking lemming and listen to others. Sure you can get advice, but the final choice is yours.

No more drama either, I don't want to get mixed up in anymore, nor do I especially want to be the cause of any, and then the negativity develops and stuff like "Go home," or "You're making everyone unhappy at x event/gathering/con, etc" happening. I've also been avoiding certain "drama-infested websites' as part of this and if I did, or someone who was on my FL did use it against someone I know and care for, I apologize for that too. I don't like those times I became that person and will not become it again. I hope this gets to them:

There, done. Some of it I would take back, but the rest of it I would keep, cause it helped me grow. I do want to keep in better contact with my friends, and hope they will see 2010 as a reboot, of sorts, to try things over again, and pick up where things left off before stuff happened.

I am human, I make mistakes. I don't want to be alone anymore, inside or out. Nor do I want to have to go through many hurdles or hoops just to do something or get anywhere, like a con, and then be outright ignored or ridiculed, leaving me in a very bad position. Those I have beefs with, I dropped any negative feelings long ago except for a couple personal issues, which I really do want to get worked out, thanks to bad timing in talking to said people earlier this year. Those peoples know who they are, one should, and be nice to perform a hard reset on that also, to go back to the fun times. I'm sick of that. It's not fair, it's not right at all when I have to jump through hoops for something or reach anyone, while when they need/want me, I come when/if I'm able to. And i do plan to make the efforts to keep in better contact with folks, even if I don't get replies back, least I'll know the effort was made and no "you don't contact me, so fuck you," excuse can be thrown out.

Since this is open, there are some i want to apologize for, for my past actions I did, or were influenced by me. I am truly sorry and would be nice to get back in contact and attempt to resume friendships.

Those who wish to discuss, knows how to reach me.
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